Crafting Homes

Passionate designers dedicated to creating spaces that uplift and inspire, transforming dreams into realities.

Our Journey

The Beginnings of Transformation

A Creative Spark Ignited

With a vision to revolutionize spaces and lives, SNK’s founder embarked on a journey of innovation and excellence. From humble beginnings to a renowned design and build agency, every project narrates a tale of passion and precision.

Our Dream

To be the beacon of innovative design, setting new standards in the industry and fostering living spaces that exude warmth, artistry, and functionality.

Our Purpose

To breathe life into spaces, infuse them with individuality, and create environments that resonate with our clients’ aspirations and emotions.

Meet Our Team

Dedicated Experts, Transformed Spaces

Our talented team brings creativity, passion, and expertise to every project, ensuring your space is curated with excellence.

Angela Powell


Debra Hart


Loretta Smith


Gabriela Joe


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